The Senate Coal Caucus serves as a forum through which legislators and industry representatives can collaborate on the needs of the coal industry, focus on the utilization and consumption of coal to significantly reduce consumer demands on foreign fuels and highlight new coal technologies within the industry.

“Last year, coal provided Pennsylvania with roughly 40 percent of its electricity needs,” Sen. Yaw said.  “Pennsylvania is a major player in coal production, creating a number of direct and indirect jobs, and will remain an important part of our energy portfolio for years to come.  Together, we can change the dynamic of coal as an energy resource.”

“The coal industry is a major economic player in Pennsylvania and will continue to play a large role in helping the citizens of Pennsylvania manage their energy needs,” Sen. Wozniak said.  “Working alongside Senator Yaw in leading the Senate Coal Caucus I believe we can have a significant impact on policy and help the industry and its workers meet future challenges.”

Meetings and Hearings

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